Podcast: De-risking Your Start-Up

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Denise Silbe, host of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs podcast, is joined by Jon Hu and Samantha Dale Strasser, PhD, co-founders of Pepper Bio, a Boston-based life sciences start-up expanding the potential for successful drug discovery. By combining their knowledge of industries from venture capital to electrical engineering, Jon and Samantha share lessons that are applicable to almost any start-up.

Using transomics technologies, these founders are operating at the cutting edge of the intersection of technology and biology. Jon and Samantha share an honest account of how they have worked to de-risk the building blocks of their company: the product offering, the science behind it, their  management team, branding, and more. This episode is not to be missed by any entrepreneur looking to pave a smooth path to success.

Listen here to learn how Pepper is changing drug discovery.

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