Podcast: Transforming Drug Discovery Through the Emerging Discipline of Transomics

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Samantha Dale Strasser has always wanted to make a positive impact on humanity, and this desire was intensified while in grad school when her father was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia — an illness with no effective treatments.

Never afraid to ask the hard questions, this personal experience propelled her academic and biotech career toward driving science to address unmet medical needs.

Using her skills in biomedical engineering, computer science, physics, as well as other disciplines, she co-founded Pepper Bio three years ago as the first “transomics” company. Strasser describes the emerging field as a fully integrated, comprehensive view of biology that shows what’s happening at a systemwide biological level. She believes it’s the data that is unlocked through this view that has the potential to address “untreatable diseases.”

Listen here to learn how Pepper is changing drug discovery.

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