Podcast: Transomic Data Analysis Driving New Understanding of Diseases

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Dr. Samantha Dale Strasser, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder at Pepper Bio, uses a transomic perspective with a global functional causal lens on genomic data to drive insights throughout the drug discovery process and identify the best treatments for patients. The goal is to go beyond the traditional understanding of diseases to unlock opportunities and solutions not considered in the past.

Samantha explains, “So, I mentioned the genome is fantastic because it looks at instructions, but it looks at what can happen. It doesn’t look at what is happening. And so looking up those data layers, bringing us to phosphoproteomics, brings functional context of fundamentally what proteins are doing and how that impacts disease and treatment selection.”

“The second facet that we drive forward here at Pepper is bringing a global context. So just kind of genomics itself is obviously a massive data set of hundreds of thousands of genes. But then you look at bringing in context from transomics, as well as proteomics and phosphoproteomics, all of those data layers we want to look at in their entirety. We don’t want to pre-select a favorite pathway per se because we want to ensure that critical insights aren’t missed. So with Pepper, again, the transomics approach brings global information to bear to ensure that we’re capturing all of that critical biology at each data layer.”

Listen here to learn how Pepper is changing drug discovery.

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